Nova incubator joins Iota Foundation to fund rising Startups using Blockchain Technology

The company behind the cryptocurrency Iota has announced its partnership with startup incubator program Nova, the news was confirmed when the company released a note with Cointelegraph.

As per the report published, the partnership between Iota and Nova is carried out to fund new startups using Iota’s platform using the newly introduced “Iota Cofoundery” program introduced on Nova’s website, The company focused on early bird investment for newly introduced startups for development and seed funding. The program will also help a few selected startups to get access to Nova’s mentoring program and their startup tech team, The team is consist of 20 Startup consultants specialized in their respective fields.

Nova has helped more than 80 Tech startups till date, and the best part is that more than fifty percent of the startups are still up and running their business successfully, according to the reports only 10{7605abf410f0b6588bc07a4b4004891fbe41f500a16ca19cecd101fe400e07c3} of the startups survive for more than 3 years.

As per the Cointelegraph report published back in November 2018, The Tron browser announced that it will be launching Blockchain Fund program, Which focuses on blockchain-enabled gaming.

In December 2018, Binance Labs, major crypto exchange Binance’s venture wing, released its first batch of blockchain projects from its Incubation Program.

Also back in December 2018, The major cryptocurrency platform, “Binance’s Venture wing, released its first batch of blockchain enabled projects from its own incubation program Binance labs.

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