Blockstream Released an upgrated version of its Bitcoin Lightning Network

The United States-based Blockchain marketing and development firm Blockstream has released an improvised version of its Bitcoin Scalability Software, Which is also known as c-lightning, The news was confirmed after a report published by the company on its official blog.

Bitcoin Scalability solution, C-lightning offered by the company is the Lightning Network, The Network is Developed in C-Programming language, As per the company’s blog this release is the major release in 8 months and is specially released to eliminate bugs, deal with privacy, Performance Improvement and the introduction of new features.

The biggest feature offered by the company in this release is said to be the plugin support, It helps developers and programmers to extend the capabilities of the existing software with the use of plugins and can be integrated with any language. The developers hope that this feature will help more and more developers to connect with the program and improve its functionality.

Last year, Blockchain technology development firm Bitfury also released some of the new tools for developers and merchants in the efforts to bring the wider audience for Lightning network. This tools will help new developers to understand the technology and develop apps and software around it.

According to the Data Provided by a Bitcoin, Statistics website revealed that Bitcoin Lightning Network is now worth more than 2 million. and is going to grow rapidly this year.

As the use of Blockchain is being adopted by many companies and it is becoming a new trend. The biggest advanced offered by the Blockchain technology is the security and privacy it provides to the users.


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