The Moon

Uncover the necessary 13 minutes that took humans to the Moon in 1969.

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  1. Condo sandwich

    We’ll leave you with this notify of Buzz Aldrin making ready a sandwich on Eagle after spending more than 2.5 hours on the lunar floor.

    After seven hours of relaxation aboard Eagle, Houston asked Armstrong and Aldrin to prepare for the return flight to rejoin Michael Collins aboard Columbia in lunar orbit.

    The three astronauts would return to Earth triumphant.

    Buzz Aldrin

    Copyright: Getty Photos

    Image caption: BLT, Rog

    Obtain out more about Apollo 11 and relive the highs and lows of the mission with the 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast.

  2. How the enviornment notorious Apollo 11’s fiftieth anniversary

    Occasions had been held in the US and extra afield to commemorate the anniversary of the Moon touchdown.

    The Washington Monument, lit up with projected archive photos

    Copyright: EPA

    Image caption: A 17-minute show modified into projected on the Washington Monument utilizing archive photos
    A maze slash correct into a shape of an astronaut

    Copyright: PA Media

    Image caption: Wistow Maze in Leicestershire has been designed to depict an astronaut
    A huge Moon on a constructing's rooftop

    Copyright: EPA

    Image caption: A huge Moon by artist SPY is on show in Madrid, Spain

    Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins like seemed at a excellent desire of occasions in the bustle as a lot as the anniversary.

    On Saturday, they had been joined by Neil Armstrong’s son, Rick Armstrong, to fulfill US President Donald Trump at the Oval Place of job.

    A chocolate sport of the Apollo 11 moon touchdown

    Copyright: PA Media

    Image caption: The Moon land depicted in chocolate by Cadbury in Birmingham
    A detailed duplicate of the Lunar Rover Automobile bring pushed in a parade

    Copyright: Reuters

    Image caption: A parade in Cocoa Seaside, Florida, featured this duplicate of the Lunar Rover Automobile, outdated skool in later Apollo missions
  3. 13 Minutes to the Moon – the podcast

    Must that you just may possibly perchance like enjoyed the fiftieth anniversary of the Moon touchdown, why now now not uncover the 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast?

    Art work for 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast

    Copyright: BBC

    Presenter Kevin Fong takes you through the stout legend of Apollo 11. And he speaks with a couple of of the people that had been there, in conjunction with Michael Collins, Gerry Griffin, Poppy Northcutt and Charlie Duke.

  4. The technique ahead for rental run

    Fifty years after Apollo 11’s a success mission, the US has plans to ship humans to Mars.

    Meanwhile China is planning to manufacture a astronomical rental web web bellow in Low Earth orbit, Russia now now not too lengthy ago launched a astronomical telescope to arrangement the sky, and India is aiming for a soft-touchdown at the Moon’s south pole – even although their most recent mission modified into aborted an hour earlier than launch.

    Man on the moon

    Copyright: BBC

    Image caption: Fifty years after the historical moon touchdown, is the enviornment coming into a recent rental plod?

    US Vice-President Mike Pence has said he wants Nasa to return astronauts to the Moon within 5 years.

    The major plod paved the technique for the inclinations of protection drive and industrial aviation know-how, improvements in smartly being and clinical compare, and an amplify in our determining of the Earth and its climate.

    As we enter this contemporary cosmic generation, what contemporary discoveries and innovations will we produce?

    Listen to The Precise Story: The technique ahead for rental exploration

  5. ‘Such rental journeys will seemingly be fashioned’

  6. ‘Is that valid?’

    Electronic mail Message: I modified into 24 and studying at Michigan College, in the US.

    I modified into with people from Peru, Chile, Venezuela and Brazil, sitting in front of a sad and white TV, looking at the occasion launch-mouthed.

    I heard any individual advise, “Oh, my God, is that valid?”

    Mug displaying the front page of the Wapakoneta Day-to-day Knowledge with a front page legend about the Moon touchdown

    Copyright: Irene Mikola

    Image caption: Irene Mikola has a mug with a newspaper front page featuring Neil Armstrong

    Electronic mail Message: In August, I went to gaze in Springfield, Ohio. Neil Armstrong got right here to focus on about his ride and afterwards he had lunch in the canteen.

    He gave the impression a in reality simple and humble man, with a in reality soft sigh.

    I endure in solutions he modified into carrying a baseball hat and the indisputable reality that he shook fingers with a entire bunch of faculty students, especially the ones that had been from in a foreign country.

    from Irene Mikola, Montevideo, Uruguay

  7. The scientific legacy of Apollo

    Subsequent Apollo missions would place more astronauts on the Moon; in total 12 people would step out onto the bottom between July 1969 and December 1972.

    Nonetheless the inclinations in science and engineering that got right here on legend of the programme, would impact the lives of billions all around the enviornment.

    Charles 'Pete' Conrad Jr, Apollo 12 commander, climbs down on to the lunar floor

    Copyright: NASA

    Image caption: Charles ‘Pete’ Conrad Jr, Apollo 12 commander, climbs down on to the lunar floor

    The early devices that helped Armstrong and Aldrin on their run would pave the technique for the computer revolution, rising know-how that’s aloof outdated skool in digital instruments, in step with Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at California Institute of Technology.

    The applying Nasa outdated skool also lead to the procedure of techniques we now use in credit score card swipe devices.

    Diversified know-how inclinations embody improved kidney dialysis, modernised athletic sneakers, improved residence insulation, developed industrial and residential water filtration, and the freeze-drying technique for maintaining meals.

    ISS passes in front of the Sun

    Copyright: EPA

    Image caption: A series of pictures blended with a computer program shows the World Condo Attach flying in front of the Sun

    Later rental programmes would herald a most major gentle of world collaboration.

    In the future of the Apollo-Soyuz test project, American and Soviet spacecraft docked together.

    In the ruin, the US and Russia, alongside with 13 other countries, partnered to manufacture and operate the World Condo Attach, a global-class science laboratory orbiting 400 kilometres (250 miles) above Earth, making a entire orbit each 90 minutes.

  8. ‘Arena intrepid dreams’

  9. ‘It modified into so frigid, but we had been so angry’

    Electronic mail Message: On the time of the first touchdown, I modified into very younger – seven years extinct – and residing in Pretoria, South Africa.

    My mom woke us as a lot as hear on the radio, as South Africa did now not like TV.

    I’d now now not ever omit that moment. It modified into so frigid, but we had been so angry.

    Even my youngest sibling, at three years extinct, modified into bouncing spherical, even although I doubt that he had any idea of the sheer magnitude of that moment.

    Mother is handed, but she gave us that.

    from Mike Turnbull, Gauteng, South Africa

  10. ‘… One huge jump for mankind’

    An estimated 650 million people worldwide watched the Moon touchdown and a great deal of more listened to the radio.

    For those following the proclaims and newspaper reviews, or looking at grainy photos on a sad and white television, it’s remained one of their strongest recollections.

    Pope Paul VI watches the Moon touchdown on television

    Copyright: Getty Photos

    Image caption: Pope Paul VI looking at the Moon touchdown from his summer villa
    A neighborhood of younger people sit down on a truck

    Copyright: Getty Photos

    Image caption: A neighborhood of younger people sit down on a GMC truck in Central Park, New York, to knowing the Moon touchdown

    Walter Cronkite anchored 27 hours of Apollo 11 coverage on CBS in the US.

    Known through his data presenting as “the most depended on man in The United States”, his marathon presenting stint garnered him the nickname “extinct iron pants”.

    Crowds salvage spherical a television blueprint

    Copyright: Getty Photos

    Image caption: Crowds salvage spherical a television blueprint at Mascot Airport in Sydney, Australia
    Americans in a park looking at TV

    Copyright: Getty Photos

    Image caption: The Apollo 11 mission is shown on a TV in a park in Hong Kong
    Household looking at TV photos of Armstrong's first step on the Moon

    Copyright: AFP/Getty Photos

    Image caption: A family in Paris, France, watches Neil Armstrong takes his first step on the Moon
  11. ‘One minute step for man…’

  12. ‘We’re breathing yet again’

    Quote Message: Roger, Tranquility. We copy you on the bottom. You got a bunch of men about to flip blue. We’re breathing yet again. Thanks loads. from Charlie Duke Apollo 11 Pill Communicator

    Roger, Tranquility. We copy you on the bottom. You got a bunch of men about to flip blue. We’re breathing yet again. Thanks loads.

    With Charlie Duke’s words, the enviornment hears confirmation of the first Moon touchdown.

  13. ‘Roger, Twan…’

    Is Charlie Duke tongue-tied? The capsule communicator says “Roger, Twan… ” in his acknowledge to Armstrong.

    He’s nervous and or now now not it’s conceivable he’s never heard the name “Tranquility Corrupt” earlier than.

    “I modified into so angry,” Duke tells the 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast.

    “Must you hear to the transcript…’Roger, Twan’ and I corrected myself.”

    At this point cheers commence to fetch away in the viewing room at mission alter. Nonetheless earlier than Duke and crew can truly smile about what they’ve completed they should lag through a series of defend/no-defend checks in case the lunar module is broken.


    Copyright: BBC

    Image caption: Charlie Duke’s momentary fluff – he says “Twan” for Tranquility Corrupt
  14. Tranquility Corrupt

    Quote Message: Houston. Tranquility Corrupt right here. The Eagle has landed.

    Houston. Tranquility Corrupt right here. The Eagle has landed.

    Video bellow

    Video caption: Neil Armstrong delivers the momentous data to mission alter
  15. Contact!

    “Contact gentle!”

    With 18 seconds to spare, Buzz Aldrin says the lunar module’s probes like made contact with the Moon’s floor.

    They swap off the engine, permitting Eagle to drop to the bottom.

  16. Accelerate/no Accelerate for touchdown

    “Accelerate/no Accelerate for touchdown…”

    Flight Director Gene Kranz checks for the final time that his flight controllers are gratified to proceed to the final stage.

    Right here’s it, the final moments…

    Video bellow

    Video caption: Final touchdown checks rob web web bellow at mission alter
  17. The Sea of Tranquility

    At this moment, Armstrong and Aldrin can gaze their touchdown rental on the Sea of Tranquility for the first time…

    The Sea of Tranquility

    Copyright: Getty Photos

  18. Into the final segment

    “Give us an estimated swap-over time please, Houston.”

    Buzz Aldrin wants to know when Eagle’s computer will swap to programme P64, which is ready to e book them through the final segment of the touchdown.

  19. The 1202 apprehension

    Video bellow

    Video caption: 1202 is a mark of a computer overload

    An apprehension sounds in the crew’s headphones and the digits 1202 flash on their show.

    In Houston, Steve Bales is frantically taking a ogle for a log he has ready of every conceivable apprehension that would possibly well perchance be blueprint off off.

    “Roger. We’re Accelerate on that apprehension.”

    These are the words that the astronauts should hear from mission alter; 1202 is a mark of a computer overload, but now now not severe ample to abandon the touchdown.

  20. Glimpsing Earth

    “Got the Earth upright out our front window,” says Buzz Aldrin in the lunar module.

    Nonetheless he can finest ride the notice for a moment…

    Earth from rental

    Copyright: Getty Photos

    Image caption: An image of Earth taken by the Apollo 11 crew at some stage in the wider mission